Inno setup insists to copy files to SysWOW64

I’m trying to copy a file to system32 folder, I use {sys} constant provided by Inno Setup. First failure The script for this file looks like this Source: "..\Release\kernel_driver\mydriver.sys"; DestDir: "{sys}\drivers"; Permissions: admins-full This should copy the file to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\mhydriver.sys So this obviously failed since I’m writing this post…The file is copied to this path […]

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Force CLI tool to use SOCKS5 on macOS

Background A coder can’t live without Google but things get difficulty in China… Google, Facebook, Instagram etc. I don’t know how our dear computing students search for exceptions, documents but personally, I am spoiled by Google and StackOverflow. So I gotta find a way to access these when I come back home for holidays. In […]

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